First of all, if we are NOT living in a simulation then the implications of the question is irrelavant. We just do what we do normally because its base reality (and it sucks btw).

I think the better question to ask is:

If we are living in a simulation, is the simulator and the simulatee communication bidirectional?

It is under safe assumption that the higher beings can come and go between "worlds" as they like, because if we were to build a simulation ourselves we'd be able to do that easily (at least initially). I think it is more interesting to figure out how can we breach the simlation. Would the higher beings build in safe guards to prevent us from "infecting" their world? How do we transfer conciousness to the level above?

Consider if we happen to produce a superintelligence one day, it would run simulations of the world's scenarios with perfect accuracy. The super intelligence either became sentient or we decided to let it govern our world, does that mean it has breached it's world? Whatever the digital "consicousness" world is? It could even be capable of block us from ever controlling it again, thus stepping up the simulation ladder.

Or maybe, we are already the superintelligence of this world, and we just dont know that the simulation has already been breached.

I believe living in a simulation is a good thing. That gives us the oppourtunity to concur our creators, even if impossible, we will still try because it's human nature. Isn't that a better world than knowingly it just all ends somewhere?

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