Comics++ (2014 - Present)

Comics++ is a free lightweight and efficient comic book reader for Windows 8.1/10 and distributed in the Windows Store. Comics++ supports most popular comic book archive formats such as CBR/RAR, CBZ/ZIP, CB7/7Zip and PDF. It is critically acclaimed and has over 150,000 unique installs.

Tile 16 (2015)

An unlicensed open source project into studying unit testing in video game in Unity (2D). It is an educational piece on exploring decoupling of video game framework to maximize automated unit testing.

Trap Labs (2015 - Present)

Trap Labs is a fast paced online multiplayer single input obstacle avoidance game. Unlike most other single button games this features path finding so you have full control over the movement of your character. People who played Starcraft 1 bounds will be very familiar with the core mechanic.
Coming soon 2018

Trap Labs Code Design and Architecture Series

On going series on video game and software code and architecture series based of Trap Labs.

Project Hydrogen (2011 - Present)

Project Hydrogen is the codename for my flagship product. I hope is that the technology developed over the next year will revolutionize the way information is recorded. More to be announced soon.