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Trap Labs is now on Steam Greenlight!

If you like what you see please vote and support my efforts!

Comments are now enabled on various parts of my website. This is long overdue. Please provide me with feedback so I can improve my work!

Trap Labs Code Design and Architecture Series

I started this website with the intension to share my knowledge with the world, but I also believe that if I don’t have quality things to say I’d rather shut the hell up, which is why this site is mostly dead.

Now that my latest work Trap Labs is on greenlight and waiting for the concept to be validated, I’m going to spend the next few weeks producing this development series based on Trap Labs. It’ll cover everything from basics of software architecture and automated testing to multiplayer networking engine.

My research tells me that something like this is sorely needed on the Internet as I wasn’t able to find good articles on these topics. I hope that I’ll bring a unique and useful perspective to up and coming software and video game developers to help you become a better dev. Stay tuned!

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